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Background: Google map | Delight Wide Screen Portfolio Wordpress Theme
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Background: Google map

You can have a Google map inside the page or as a background. To have a Google map as background, you must have a Google API key. To get a Google API key you go there:


After generating and getting an API key, you must type it in the Delight admin panel:

Thenyou can decide to have a Google map as general background for the entire site or to use it for a particular page (“Where we are”, for instance). In both cases you must enter the coordinates. To get the coordinates just go to Google map, enter your address and once you find your map, type in the address bar of your browser:


Then copy the string from the pop up box, as in the image below and paste it in the “Coordinates” field (read on):


You can also decide the starting zoom (1 to 19) and type some indications, such as the street address (the Google balloon is not available), “how to reach” info etc. These informations will be shown there:

Default Background

If you want that all your pages have a Google map as background, just set the default background in the Delight Admin Panel:


Page background

If you want to apply a Google map background to a particular only, a custom box in the page itself allows it: